Jehovah Jireh

In the time of our greatest need, God provides.

Physically, for “He who gave us life, knows well our needs to sustain it.”

Mentally, for “if any of you lack wisdom…. it shall be given him.”

Spiritually, for “He is able to keep us from falling.”

There is nothing too hard for Him. No circumstance. No brokenness. No distance. No question. No confusion.

Nothing that He is not able to provide just the strength and grace we need to face it.

He stands behind His word and His promises. I can’t see right now, but I believe.



  1. Warren Baldwin says

    Linked here from "The Only Thing Worth Walking Toward."

    This was a good post. Yes, he is able to keep us from falling. I liked the repeated promises of God's protective care in Isaiah 41:1. I am going to do a post about that either tomorrow (Friday) or next Wednesday. It is a great assurance of God's presence even in the midst of harrowing circumstances of life.


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