Thankful All Year

Years ago, I started keeping a list. It was a running total of my daily search for beauty in ordinary days. It was my way of being intentional about gratitude, and it changed my life’s perspective drastically.

Sometimes these lists are filled with the obvious-fresh air, sunshine, a warm bed at night.

Sometimes its much more random-twinkling fire flies, rain drop splashes caught on my camera.

But all of the thing that make it on my list are the kinds of things that make me happy to be alive, and grateful that this old world has so much beauty still left in it for us to notice.

I call these lists my Ebenezers.

Because, the saying that says there’s a golden side to every cloudits true.

Because the sayings that say that no matter how dark the day, there’s always a glimmerits true.

Because the saying that there is something beautiful about every dayits true, too.

It’s amazing, on the hard days, what  a little time reading or thinking about my blessings in my journal can do for my spirits

Thankfulness isn’t about Thanksgiving Day or any single day of the year. It’s about being intentional to be thankful all year long.

Life perspective  is made up so much of what we look for on the days when we feel the least like being thankful.

For me, it has been a lot of different things. Dewdrops sparkling on the grass. Clouds parting so I could see a lunar eclipse. A random tulip growing up out of what looked like a cinder-pile. A snatch of a song that unexpectedly spoke to my heart in a big way. It has been a smile. A note from someone who said just the right words- though they may never know it. It has been the wind on my face, blowing back my hair, and in my mind, blowing away the cares from my heart.

So if you do anything new this year, I hope it’ll be to start looking for those little things to be thankful for. I hope you start keeping a list somewhere or a journal you can go back to when you feel low.

Make it your goal this year to focus on beauty, on goodness, on blessings, and give your heart every reason- no matter what circumstances may bring- to be truly thankful.

Not just in November, but every single day of the year.