the bugs were right

We had a record breakingly rainy summer. It was so damp and so cool and I almost feel like Summer never happened at all.  Followed up by a rainy fall, the bugs decided that they had had enough.

By dozens, stink bugs began to invade the house. If there was a crack to be found that they could squeeze through and get in, they found  it. If I opened the door for a few minutes, they would fly in. They were literally everywhere and on everything, looking for somewhere to huddle down for the winter. I can’t tell you how many I vanquished with the vacuum cleaner, or how many times I woke up at night to a disturbing feel of crawly feet and the unmistakable scent of stink bugs. 

We’ve had a problem with sweet ants for years. This rental is more or less an ant farm with sweet ants living in millions (I’m only guessing here) in the walls and sneaking in whenever they can to get into everything. But even though they were annoying, they were always manageable. Not this year.  The ants acted frantic. They got into the fridge even in their attempts to snag food for the winter. It was a loosing battle to keep them out of the pantry—even with the bug spray.

The lady bugs were the least disturbing, but they too tried to find a few nooks and crannies to stuff themselves into.

It was THE year for bugs. And when the invasion was at its peak, Scott and I started to think that they were on to something. The winter ahead was going to be really cold, we decided.

Turns out, the bugs were right.

All last week, all I wanted to do was drink hot chocolate and hide under a pile of blankets. Temperatures dropped down down down. Much lower than “usual”. When my thermometer said 2 * F, and the wind chill made it feel like –5*, I realized I’ve long since lost my Alaskan blood.

All I can say is I hope that Springtime comes sooner than soon. I think the bugs and I are more than ready for it!



  1. Samantha R says

    Brr, it has been cold there! We’ve had just the opposite type of weather with almost no winter to speak of. However, we have had some stink bugs in the house! I think after yellow jacket/ meat bees, they are my least favorite bug.
    I hope you’re able to eradicate them somehow.

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