[five minute friday] trust


In the middle of what felt like the end of all that I had hoped for, He asked me to believe that the broken pieces could one day be a masterpiece.

When my plans fail,  He reminds me that I know His plans are perfect.

When the fears and unknowns of the future feel overwhelming and dark, He asks me trust that He is still Jehovah Jireh.

When I think I need answers, when I think that I must know it all know, He asks me to wait. To trust.

Trust or fear-the choice is mine.

But patiently and gently, using the moments of this life is an opportunity to teach me what it means to really trust Him.



  1. says

    Trusting HIm in those little moments seeing how he is faithful does make it easier to trust when it comes to the bigger things. Wating patiently does offen require trust, doesn’t it?

    • Chantel says

      Yes! It is true. In the past few years, I have thanked God over and over for the times of waiting and the times I caught glimpses of His faithfulness as a child and teen. It has made this bigger chances of trusting and waiting a lot easier than they would have been. It is true that nothing happens without a reason… :)

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