Weekends are for Catching Up

These days, I’m learning to juggle again. It has been a long time since I’ve done much work outside of my home, and Scott and I have never both worked full time away from home at the same time. Our former schedules (and lack of schedules) have been swept away, and with Scott on a continually changing work-schedule, I’m thinking this juggling could be a little more interesting.

We try to keep things picked up through out the week, but inevitably, by the time the weekend gets here, or whenever our free-day happens to be, there is a whole lot of catching up to do: sheets to change, clothes to fold that have sat in the drier for two days…or more. Dishes from the last few meals of the week that haven’t gotten past rinsing, food to cook, baking to do with many more dishes after that…. and what feels like several dozen small things that didn’t happen in the evenings before.

By the time I get home at night on a work day, I’ve cleaned at least two homes and sometimes four and doing a lot of house work is not as high on my priority list as it could be. Doing a little each evening keeps the house from becoming a disaster zone, but organizing and making other people’s homes completely sparkling from the closet to the top shelf of the kitchen cabinets makes me want mine to look just as good. Like Gretchen over at the Little Pink House was saying a week  or so ago, in order to organize, we must simplify, and to simplify, we must organize. Even though I reckon we don’t have all that much important stuff, we have enough to simplify and let me assure you, the bottom shelves in my kitchen could surely use some organizational attention in the near future.

Right now, I’m working on a plan to make it easier to share duties, and to have a plan that will help to not have so much catching up to do at the end of the week. But putting that plan into practice may take a while.

So for the moment, I’m taking one room at a time, cutting back on the unnecessary and putting what we do need where it will be the easiest to keep it that way and eventually, perhaps, this will all run a little more smoothly again. For a little while at least, until life decides to change again and we get to start all over again! ;)



  1. says

    I can definitely relate to this! Still being fairly new in the Housie, it seems like every time I shuffle one thing, there’s a domino effect which means that I end up shuffling a whole bunch of things! I’m looking forward to when I have some systems and routines in place.

  2. says

    I’m sure you’ll be able to find a good balance! When you work full time outside the home, you do have to compromise on your homemaking. I learned that one while I was working. Between work and commute, I was gone 10 hours a day. There just wasn’t time enough to get everything done. Prioritize, prioritize, and did I mention prioritization? :) Everything will work out!

  3. Kirsten D. says

    I can only imagine the challenge of working full time plus keeping up a home…but I’m so happy for you to have a job like you’ve been waiting and working and praying to find! I have always thought that organizing and cleaning as a job sounded like something I’d really have fun with. :-) (Why is that someone else’s stuff is always easier to be decisive about than my own?)

    I’m continually working on a housekeeping routine that, like yours, has to be tweaked on a regular basis — even more in a few weeks with baby’s arrival, I’m sure. I’ve found some really helpful and encouraging ideas from the FlyLady — are you familiar with her site? I’m still in the process of putting a home management notebook together, but the bits and pieces I have done are already making a difference. :-)

    • Chantel says

      I do need to check out her website. Several ladies have mentioned how much it helps! And I’ll get better. Changes always disrupt my usual habits and it takes me a little while to get back on track. :D

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