what I wish was cooking and other cleaning confessions

I hate to admit it, but lately I’ve been in sort of a cleaning slump and my house has looked decently clean and definitely not filthy or even awful most of the time  But it also has not looked pretty and perfect like I wish it did, and how it should look. And when my house isn’t tidy, I find that I am less motivated to be very creative in the kitchen, lest the house look even more messy and I not have time to put it back right.

Whatever the excuses I’d had or made over the last couple weeks, I decided it was high time to get over it and really focus on one room until it was just right. That one room just happened to be our bedroom.

Somewhere in the middle of that, we got bit by the change bug that hangs out in our house waiting for opportunities to bite and send us scurrying to rearrange the room just for the sake of it. Well, I needed to vacuum under the bed anyways, and the linen on our box headboard needed to be washed and that was the only excuse either of us really needed. The result is a room that feels completely new and looks so relaxing and rather perfect. It was just the kick of motivation I needed to dive into some of the less obviously rewarding places and get back my “perfect” house. And? Progress feels so very good.

Somewhere in between sorting cabinets and reworking the bathrooms,  Scott walked in with a banana in a hotdog bun with peanut butter, and that reminded e that I’ve got the cooking itch again now too.

We were talking about homemade sausages the other day, and I remembered that VeganDad had a recipe that had looked interesting. And of course, I had to see those scones, which means I really have to make them now, too. I don’t know that I’ll actually use this recipe, but it has me thinking. Also another friend posted about her Asian fresh rolls and vegan “sushi”. I want some!

I’m just going to be good and finish the organizing I started before I head to the kitchen to satisfy that itch by making a pizza crust later on today.

And while I’m a little distracted, one of my sisters in law was telling me about her adventure in creating her own laundry soap. It reminded me that I still need to do that someday! And that I wish we didn’t live so far apart, because I miss her (And my other sisters far away). A whole lot.



  1. says

    I miss you tons Chantel! We would have oodles of fun experimenting with different recipes or creating things from scratch, not to mention I love to organize, rearrange things and get my house just the way I want it. Lately, I haven’t had much time to even clean like I would like to every week, but was encouraged when the man who came to inspect our apartment said, “I want to commend you for keeping your place so neat, clean, and organized! It makes me job a lot easier!” :)

    Anyways, some day in the future, I hope we can get together and just have fun!!

    And by the way, we’re on our last ziploc bag of laundry soap, so I’m thinking of looking into making my own… Hopefully I don’t have problems in finding Borax ;)

    • Chantel says

      Aww, I like puttering around in my house. :) I miss being in touch, btw! I’ve been a bad friend in that regard.

  2. Samantha R says

    I laughed at the visualization of Scott eating a banana peanut butter hot-dog! =P
    Those recipes look yummy!
    And like you, I am more motivated to cook and bake when the house is tidy, organized and clean.

    We use that laundry soap recipe and love it. I believe we buy the Fels Naptha at Walmart as well as the Borax. The washing soda came from Winco, I think. Jac usually makes it and the ingredients last us quite a long time. We also supplement with reg. laundry soap when we come across good deals (for under 4 cents a load).

  3. says

    It feels good to get something accomplished, doesn’t it? Sometimes, my writing and other creative adventures flow again after I cleaned some area in my home I neglected too long. I think there might be a connection…
    Wishing you sunny Easter holidays, Martina

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