Empty Shelves

I don’t feel so boxed in as I did a week ago, but every time I walk into our temporary little home, something always catches my eye as I glance over the almost- put together room. My bookshelves are empty. When I packed up everything in the old house in preparation for the move (wherever that would be!) I did keep a few out, but the empty shelves remind me (even more than the fact that I’ve got a very limited wardrobe) that this is definitely a work still in progress, but I miss my books!

In the mean time, my bookshelf is disguised in the form of a single apple box. It isn’t pretty, but neither Scott nor I could imagine ourselves totally bookless for the next 6 months or more, and kept some of the best out…and our “bookshelf” is housed in the middle box on the right stack for the time being.

In the spirit of The March of Books, YLCF is hosting a link-up to pictures of our bookshelves today, and I can’t wait to go and peak. Perhaps it’ll get me by until my shelves are full again.



  1. Samantha R. says

    Aww, in a way it's kind of sad to have to pack your books up but at least you know which box they're in! :)
    How long till you move do you think?
    Been thinking of you and praying for you during this phase in your life.
    love you!

  2. Chantel says


    It took around 7 boxes to pack all our books, but it is nice having a couple out until we can unpack, anyway!

    We've already moved, actually! I just haven't had time to get to the post office before or after, but at least I have postage now so it's a step closer than before. ;)

    Love ya too!

  3. Samantha R. says

    7 boxes; not too bad ;) When we packed up our house for the remodel, I discovered that we had a LOT! We've since pared it down and gradually been using PBS/yardsales to give them away. But the problem is, we also tend to get more through PBS!

    Looking forward to hearing from you and your moving adventures!
    Lots of hugs!

  4. Amanda says

    Just came across your site and thought I would say hello! CONGRATS on your first year of marriage! My husband and I are coming up on 5 years and it is just CRAZY how fast time has gone! Here's to an incredible second year!


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