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It’s still raining. In fact it is pouring, and I’m still cold, but dinner is in progress and for my own future reference, and in case you might find them of interest also, here’s what I’ve got.

Since I now have bulk baby limas on hand, I was poking around for ideas on limas. Scott and I both love them just as they are, but it’s fun to have variety… especially when beans are a main portion of our diet of late.

Gigantes, a Greek dish that is based on lima beans.

Pasta with onions and lima beans. I’m planning a version of this for tonight. I don’t have taragon, but parsley sounds good, and I probably will add a few other things, and may use some ground sesame and nutritional yeast in the place of the cheese, but no… it won’t be exactly like it.

This White Bean & Garlic soup sounds so good! That’s actually why I started cooking the limas, which I plan to use instead of white beans (I don’t have any) in the first place- planning to freeze and use them in a week or two to make this soup, but got side tracted looking at all the other recipes and needed something for today, too- so why not? ;)

I am at the end of my groceries, and have things that have to be used or they will waste, thus my meal actually is a little funny. Not that most of my meals aren’t funny. ;)

Planning on baking some corn that has to be used up today, having a big green salad, some baked carrots while I’m baking the corn, (unless I can think of a tasty way to combine them in the pasta…hm.)

I made some bean burgers the other day- a combination of various ideas from recipes. Very yummy! And I want to make these oatmeal cookies this afternoon. If there’s time while the oven’s hot! :)



  1. Samantha R. says

    Mmm, that soup sounds good. I'm not terribly fond of limas but I do like white beans!
    And did you see this recipe? http://blog.fatfreevegan.com/2006/07/red-white-and-blue-fruit-terrine.html
    That really looks yummy!
    Did you get to bake those cookies? Hope so :)
    Jac made oatmeal dried cranberry cookies for our picnic at the lake last Thursday. They were delicious; a new favorite for sure.
    Isn't experimenting fun?

    How is the weather there now?
    We are done with the rain for now, I think. It has been fairly Hot the past few days.

    Been thinking of you :)
    Jac and I got a few pics printed to make a scrabook page or two of your wedding to put in our 'friends' book. I hope to do that this week; during the evening sometime probably.

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